Concrete Coatings Brisbane

At Citywide Painting, we offer more than just paint and are one of the premier providers of concrete coatings in Brisbane. Industrial and commercial enterprises can benefit from our epoxy flooring and concrete coatings, which are durable, chemical resistant, easy to maintain, long-lasting and cost-effective.

Our concrete coatings can be applied to any floor type, inclusive of bare and sealed concrete. You can choose from a range of colours, patterns and style selections, and we can work closely with you to ensure your options are specifically designed for your workplace, warehouse, chemical plant, or retail store.

What is our concrete coating?

We offer an epoxy flooring option that is a combined mix of hardeners and resins, which creates a strong, slick and durable coating for your concrete floor. These floors can handle years of wear and tear and are suitable for workplaces of all kinds. Citywide Painting can handle the full installation process and is fully insured for Public Liability and Workers Compensation. We ensure all of your staff are protected during the installation of epoxy flooring, so you have complete peace of mind while we work.

Why choose this kind of flooring option?

Epoxy floors are a strong, durable coating that offers the following benefits:

A strong and durable coating that lasts longer than other options

Resistant to high levels of traffic – both vehicle and foot

Resistant to chemical and non-chemical spills

An anti-slip material that is safe for people to walk or drive over

With our team on the job, these concrete coatings are easy to install, meaning less downtime in your workplace

Choose from a selection of different colours and styles

Due to its resistance level, this flooring requires minimal cleaning time

This flooring offers longevity and is not harmful to the surrounding environment

This is a one-time investment that will provide a robust flooring option for many years to come

Call the Citywide team today for a free concrete coatings quote today!

The benefits of our concrete coatings will make it one of the best choices your business has made. Call Citywide Painting today for an assessment of your space and a full, no-obligation quote. We can answer any questions you may have about the flooring and its suitability for your business to help you make a decision.

Join the huge list of happy clients that we have provided a successful outcome to across our painting and flooring projects today. The extra mile that we go to in all of our service offerings can make all of the difference. Discover how cost-efficient epoxy flooring is, and trust in our years of experience to deliver the best results!

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